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Luxury at a down-to-earth price
The luxurious Hyundai Equus and the service levels that you deserve! 
Your individual comfort
Luxury, safety and convenience across the board. Savour an atmosphere of singular comfort.
Work on the move.
With pleasure!
We will provide all you need to work at your best. Focus on what matters.
Comfort for you.
The best for your business!
Exclusive benefits for corporate clients and business travellers.
Continuous development, the last word in technology and a team of true professionals. 
Our guarantee of the highest quality of service and constant improvement to meet your needs.
/ 01. About Us
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Why work with us? Because we know exactly what you have been waiting for all this time. And we're ready to provide it today! We have created a quality product just for you.
/ 02. Our
Simple and fast one-click ordering
Order your car the way you want:
mobile app, website or telephone.
Mobile app
Order your Grandee quickly and easily. Vehicle supply information sent to you in real time.
Place your order using our unique and intuitive online form — no need to waste time inputting needless information.
Personal profile
Store your favourite addresses and routes in your personal profile and order your car literally with one click! You can access your personal profile through the website or mobile app..
Our operators are standing by to answer your questions and process your order. The joy of travel begins with talking to a polite and professional operator!
Professional Drivers
Only professionals get behond the wheel of a Grandee.
Every driver is examined and certified folloiwng a compulsory training course.
Only when this is completed can they apply for a permanent position.
All our drivers are full-time employees – the quality of their work is our responsibility. They have an in-depth knowledge of the city, of the quickest routes and how to get around the jams. They will get you to where you need to be in the shortest possible time.

All drivers wear a business suit with a bespoke chauffeur's cap – they won't detract from the atmosphere of your important meeting. You will find them polite and always attentive to your needs.
A down-to-earth price
The Grandee represents superb quality at a down-to-earth price.
Our transparent pricing structure, with no hidden charges or taxes, along with the ability to check on fare calculation and journey statistics in your personal profile, mean that you always know exactly what you are paying for.

And we think you will also like our special corporate gifts, frequent promotions and regular discounts.
Becoming a partner of Grandee makes sense.
We are always ready to discuss effective, long-term cooperation. Make use of our resources to achieve
your goals!!
Order a car anytime, anywhere
With our vast fleet and slick, efficient order system –
you won’t be waiting for your Grandee for long.
A vehicle with class —
savour every second on the road
The Grandee is, and always will be, the superb new Hyundai Equus.
Chocolate-tinted black coachwork, a dark tan leather interior – finally you can demand the transport you deserve!

Every graceful line of the EQUUS is the essence of refinement and luxury. Savour an atmosphere of singular comfort!

Lumbar support system to prevent back fatigue while travelling. State-of-the-art backrest design. Heated, ventilated seats. Soft seat bolsters, generous cushions and comfortable headrests. Electrically-operated sunscreens. The right-hand rear passenger seat is the ideal place to settle back and relax after a stressful day. This is one car you really don’t want to have to get out of!

Everything you need to make your journey a pleasure.
Service that you deserve
We do everything to ensure that your journey is as comfortable
as possible.
A universal charger for all your mobile devices. Free Wi-Fi.
An umbrella in case it rains. Childseats for our smallest passengers. Natural mineral water. A whole host of those other important little touches. You can't imagine how comfortable your journey can be!

Optimal temperature and humidity are maintained in the vehicle at all times, with peaceful background music to help you relax.

Your polite, unobtrusive driver will not distract you from either important work or just pleasant, idle day-dreaming.

And finally, no need to worry about how to pay for the journey: mobile app, cash or bank card – take your choice!
Complete safety and security
Your safety and security are guaranteed at all stages of working with us:
from the total security of your personal saftey to the latest technologies
developed to keep you safe on the road.
Client information is held on servers equipped with the most robust anti-hacking measures available. Your personal data is kept safe from loss, unauthorised use and distribution. Peace of mind on the road is ensured by the latest developments in passenger safety.

All Grandee passengers are insured against accident and loss.
/ 03. Our action
Corporate discounts
for personal jouneys
Order a car for a personal errand, pay by cash or card and still receive your corporate discount!
Free test drive!
Don't fancy buying a pig in a poke?
We invite you to try the service for yourself before signing up –
have your first trip on us!
All tariffs valid from 15.01.2016
/ 04. Our rates

«City» «tariff»

First 10 minutes of the trip 399 rub

As from the 11th minute of the trip 25 rub/min + 10 rub/km

Trip to the city outskirts, additional rate 35 rub/km

Trip starting outside the city 35 rub/km

  • When reservation is made, 10 minutes of waiting shall be free of charge. The cost of a minute of waiting over the free-of-charge limit shall be tolled by the fare register subject to the rates.
  • In-car luggage per unit (except for cabin luggage) - 100 rub
  • «Airport» tariff

    Airport transfer (departure) 3000 rub

    Airport transfer (arrival) 3500 rub

  • Waiting free-of-charge at departure shall be 14 minutes, at arrival - 60 minutes.
  • The cost of idle running behind the Moscow Ring Road shall be paid at 35 rubles per km.
  • In case of multiple transfer (more than one address for mounting when departing or more than one address for dismounting when arriving) transfer rating shall apply to the part of the trip from the last mounting to the airport (when departing) or from the airport to the first dismounting (when arriving). For the rest part in-city rating shall apply (less the mounting rate).
  • Paid parking shall be paid by the customer upon the driver’s submitting the parking receipt
  • Transfer to the Airport from the Airport makes 3,900 RUR
  • Transfers between Terminals A/B/C and D/E/F at Sheremetyevo Airport shall be tolled as a regular transfer when meeting (trip from the airport).
  • Meeting at the airport subject to the flight actual arriving shall make 500 RUR.
  • Meeting at the airport with a plate at the arrivals area shall cost 150 rubles.
  • «Business Day» package tariff

    4 hours 5000 rub

    9 hours 9500 rub

  • Fare “Business Day” applies only for trips around Moscow.
  • Upon the package hours expiration the rest of the trip shall be paid subject to Fare “In-City”.
  • «Wedding» package tariff

    4 hours 6500 rub

    9 hours 9500 rub

  • Fare “Wedding” Comfort and Premium applies only for trips around Moscow (Moscow Ring Road + 10 km).
  • Upon the package hours expiration the rest of the trip shall be paid subject to Fare “In-City”.
  • Free-of-charge waiting before start shall be 14 minutes, then the time is tolled subject to the selected rate
  • The cost of idle running behind the Moscow Ring Road + 10 km shall be paid subject to the fare register (except for route Moscow - Airport).
  • Notes:

    All the prices are specified in RUR, 18% of VAT included.
    The fares shall not include the paid parking services cost.
    When reserving a taxi from the board, the trip cost shall be estimated subject to Fare “In-City”.
    Services rating to be rendered at cars having limousine mode shall add 30% to the price.

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