Services and tariffs


«City» «tariff»

First 10 minutes of the trip 399 rub

As from the 11th minute of the trip 25 rub/min + 10 rub/km

Trip to the city outskirts, additional rate 35 rub/km

Trip starting outside the city 35 rub/km

  • When reservation is made, 10 minutes of waiting shall be free of charge. The cost of a minute of waiting over the free-of-charge limit shall be tolled by the fare register subject to the rates. 
  • In-car luggage per unit (except for cabin luggage) - 100 rub
  • «Airport» tariff

    Airport transfer (departure) 3000 rub

    Airport transfer (arrival) 3500 rub

  • Waiting free-of-charge at departure shall be 14 minutes, at arrival - 60 minutes. 
  • The cost of idle running behind the Moscow Ring Road shall be paid at 35 rubles per km.
  • In case of multiple transfer (more than one address for mounting when departing or more than one address for dismounting when arriving) transfer rating shall apply to the part of the trip from the last mounting to the airport (when departing) or from the airport to the first dismounting (when arriving). For the rest part in-city rating shall apply (less the mounting rate).
  • Paid parking shall be paid by the customer upon the driver’s submitting the parking receipt
  • Transfer to the Airport from the Airport makes 3,900 RUR
  • Transfers between Terminals A/B/C and D/E/F at Sheremetyevo Airport shall be tolled as a regular transfer when meeting (trip from the airport).
  • Meeting at the airport subject to the flight actual arriving shall make 500 RUR.
  • Meeting at the airport with a plate at the arrivals area shall cost 150 rubles.
  • «Business Day» package tariff

    4 hours 5000 rub

    9 hours 9500 rub

  • Fare “Business Day” applies only for trips around Moscow.
  • Upon the package hours expiration the rest of the trip shall be paid subject to Fare “In-City”. 
  • «Wedding» package tariff

    4 hours 6500 rub

    9 hours 9500 rub

  • Fare “Wedding” Comfort and Premium applies only for trips around Moscow (Moscow Ring Road + 10 km).
  • Upon the package hours expiration the rest of the trip shall be paid subject to Fare “In-City”.
  • Free-of-charge waiting before start shall be 14 minutes, then the time is tolled subject to the selected rate
  • The cost of idle running behind the Moscow Ring Road + 10 km shall be paid subject to the fare register (except for route Moscow - Airport).
  • Notes:

    All the prices are specified in RUR, 18% of VAT included.
    The fares shall not include the paid parking services cost.
    When reserving a taxi from the board, the trip cost shall be estimated subject to Fare “In-City”.
    Services rating to be rendered at cars having limousine mode shall add 30% to the price.


    City trip

    Premium class for the price of Business. 14 minutes waiting time free of charge! Your personal comfort and affordable luxury.

    Airport transfer

    Start and finish your holiday in an atmosphere of comfort and luxury.

    Special events

    A luxurious motor car should always be on hand for the significant moments of your life.

    Car hire with driver (Business Day)

    When you have a lot of appointments or people to meet, it is much easier to order a car for an extended period. Order a car for four hours, or nine, and feel the comfort and luxury all day long.

    Standard Business
    Order a car
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